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Supasell is made with the use of next-gen technology in mind.
We have many features that you can't experience in other software thanks to this idea.
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∴ Supasell is Supa-Fast
We scan nearly 10.000.000 products on Amazon. Daily.
We Build the Data
We handle more than 11 billion pieces of single data monthly and make meaningful statistics with them. Thanks to this algorithm, you can view products in a way that no one else can.
Extended Data
Not all products are profitable, nor are they unprofitable. We show you both. Our report screen is extremely detailed with product datas.
Know Your Competitors
Collect valuable data about your competitors, like their prices, store reviews, ratings, and delivery dates.
See Everything in One Single Screen
We placed everything you need about an analyzed product in a single screen to make the analysis process easier and to save your time.
Manual Inventory
In Supasell, you don't need to connect your store to the software. You can update your inventory manually, safely, and easily by uploading a ".txt" file.
Inventory Control
You have full control over the reports in Supasell. While you can exclude products according to the blacklist you define by using keywords, product IDs, or brands, you can increase your store's health.
Your Unique Pricing Strategy
Adjust your profit rate by customizing Supasell's Dynamic Pricing Module. Set pricing rules based on multi-dimensional options like cost or PPR, and define your prices as fixed or prorated.
50+ Cool Filters
Discover the winner products more easily by using Supasell's specifically designed, more than 50 useful filters. Make your research and explore what products are best.
Google Chrome Extension
You can easily place orders with Supasell's Chrome Extension automatically.
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